January 19, 2014

Wengen World Cup

By jared

Wahoo! what can I say I’m pretty stoked right now. Just got done racing the Classic Lauborhorn race in Wengen, Switzerland and it went very well. I had two career best days in a row with a 20th in the combined and 12th in the downhill.

I was super confident coming into these races because of good skiing in previous downhills and had been on the cusp of breaking into the top 30. The week before the race there were some Europa Cups that ran the top half of the course which were key in having more of a chance in the technical parts against older guys with more experience. Getting to run parts of the track gave me a better feeling and helped with my timing to nail the important turns up top. Not to mention I was winning the run before messing up the s-turn, but still got 7th and knew I was skiing fast.

The combined was pretty difficult. The slalom portion was on the World Cup slalom hill and the snow was super soft. I ran 41 and there was such a dished out rut that you sometimes had side arm the gates instead of cross blocking them. I has a solid run for where I ran and ended up 25th on the run. In the downhill portion I skied really well through soft conditions and was 10th on the run. I was psyched to get some World Cup points in combined and help my chances of going to Sochi.

The downhill was moved to a weather start as the top was super windy. It was almost the exact opposite of the Europa Cup and started right after the hunchopt jump. It was crazy being so close to the crowd next to Canadian Corner. They’re so loud and you don’t usually hear it because your skiing by really fast. I nailed s-turn and carried my speed on the flats and stayed loose and smooth through the bumps. I’ve have good split times all season and it was a long time coming, it felt good to put a whole run together and just ski.

Now I’m heading to Kitzbuhel, very excited to see what it’s all about.