February 17, 2014

Sochi Olympics

By jared

It’s my first Olympics and it’s been a freakin blast. It feels so good to achieve a goal I’ve had ever since I  was a little kid. It blows my mind how many hours and years I’ve put into this sport and what I’ve had to do to make it happen. It hasn’t been easy and at times (tons of times) I’ve contemplated moving on doing something else, but it’s all been worth it.

The olympic experience has been more than special. We all went to the opening ceremonies it was as cool as everyone that has been says it is. When I walked out in front of the tens of thousands of people and knew that there were millions and millions of people watching on TV. It really gave me a crazy amount of energy to see all the hype of the games. Also meeting all the other athletes and watching them compete even medal in their sport has been super inspiring as well. Everyone has worked their ass off to get here and it’s really cool.

The downhill here is so legit, it has a little of everything and is game on the whole way. There are 4 jumps one of which it the biggest many of the veterans downhillers have ever seen. Lake jump is about 80 meters so your in the air so long its a crazy feeling. For the first week it was bullet proof ice in the middle too which made it way more difficult since it was hard to get a good edge.

For the combined the downhill start was moved down about 7 seconds less than the full length downhill. It was still super demanding and the jumps were even bigger since the snow got quicker in places at least in the training runs. It was finally my chance to race and I was in the zone. I was so excited in the start and ready to crush it and have never come out of the start with so much intensity. I had a hell of a run too and wasn’t that far out even though the bottom was getting really soft and slower with my later bib number (28). The thing about racing the olympics which is different is that it is a one time every four years so you just gotta go, such a rush. For the slalom it was set by Ivica Kostellics dad, who is infamous for setting ridiculously turny courses full of combinations. He set the most un-flowwy slalom course I’ve ever skied but I was still pushing it whenever possible and ended up 11th. So stoked!

Got to go see the Russia vs USA hockey game the other day that was crazy. Next I’m racing GS in two days.